All good things …

And so it ends. After nine weeks, eight papers, nine essays, 45 written responses to my classmates’ essays, and 16 blog posts, we have come to the end. I must say that I learned a lot. Obviously a lot about the new age media content that I was tasked with creating for this class, IMC 619, Emerging Media. And I learned a lot about the WordPress blogging software. It was fun to play with the various templates and get better with using the software as the class moved on. I’m very impressed with WordPress — this is great, user-friendly software for free.

However, I have also learned that I really, really don’t like blogging. I didn’t think that I would, but this exercise just confirmed it. Writing posts was often a chore. One of the problems with the Internet, in my opinion, is that there are so many people saying so much, but so few people who really have something to say. I remember that in the 1950s, the head of the FTC called television the “great wasteland,” and he was skewered for it. I suspect that the blogosphere is the 21st version of the great wasteland.

And since I’m pulling out Cold War references, I thought that I would leave you all with a short clip to sum things up. I don’t know if I’m going to permanently delete this site or leave it up. But in the meantime please enjoy one of my favorites from Stanley Kubrick …


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